Please consider joining us on a committee for the 2020 Spinnel-Anna Reunion. We will be hosting our cousins from Sweden, Canada and throughout the US. The benefits of helping out would be getting to know your cousins (you have a lot of them) and promoting our beautiful community of Platte SD, where our ancestors settled over 130 years ago.



Schedule, program, entertainment:

Complete program from the time they arrive until they leave Platte. This will include meeting their host families, all group meetings, all meals that are served to the group, all entertainment such as speeches, bands, games, music display of pictures, selling books and other memorabilia. Most of this will be handled by the board, but, we alway need more ideas and help.


All group meals to include who serves and what is to be served, whether it is potluck, catered or served by relatives. Responsible for reserving the location of the meals to be served.


Arrange housing with the host families for the relatives from Sweden, USA and Canada. The Board will come up with a survey to help with housing families from Sweden and Canada.

Tours and transportation:

A schedule of tours including transportation. Suggestions - rodeo, boat rides, homestead place tour, Hutterite colony, airplane rides etc.

Gifts and Packets:

Find or have a gift that represents Platte, South Dakota and or USA to be given to all visiting relatives. Make up a packet to include the program, name tags, tours, and advertising from businesses in Platte. These will be given out the first day they arrive.

Public Relations:

Write articles for paper and radio stations, photographer for all events and group photos, Keep everyone posted on Facebook, instagram, snapchat etc.

Contact Us

Let us know what committee you would be willing to help with.

Contact Information

Board members

Board members

Board members

Chair------Marla Tegethoff

Co Chair---Jennifer Knecht

Secretary---Jennifer Knecht

Secretary---Jill Gustad

Board members

Board members

Board members

Becky Erickson

Callie Haudeshell

Haley Olson

Stacey Erickson

Lorrinda Antonsen

Committee Heads

Committee Heads NEEDED

Committee Heads NEEDED

Meals - Stacey Erickson, Lorrinda Antonsen

Gifts/Packets - Callie Houdeshell, Haley Olsen

Book - Becky Erickson

Committee Heads NEEDED

Committee Heads NEEDED

Committee Heads NEEDED

Tours and Transportation


Public Relations